Build your business case and automate your workflow with no-code & Web3

Neodymium aims to promote blockchain technology in companies through the simplicity of no-code. We give the opportunity to design and release the full potential of your business flows by implementing Web3 and smart-contract.

Our vision

Processes can be optimized with automation, collaboration and workflow visualization without depending on developers.

Why choose Neodymium?

Focus on business

We propose various templates of smart contract already audited and ready to use.

Workflow Designer

Allowing to adapt your project to any problematic and any industry.


Onboard your all team and decision-makers into your blockchain project.


Access to DAO to participate in the future of our development.

Our product

We offer various building and usage options depending on your profile, use case, or field of activity. Here are different features of the platform:

Our services

Think and Design your specific business use case

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Go further into Blockchain & web3 understanding

Train your manager and collaborators

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Lexique du Web3, de la Blockchain et des Cryptomonnaies

June 27, 2022

Lexique du Web3, de la Blockchain et des Cryptomonnaies

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